Today’s Topic Is About Hatred..

97531D43-F2D7-4402-BDEE-35E28357EE35Hello once again my beautiful viewers

Today I’m going to talk about hatred.. So stay put cause, it’s story time from me to you..

We live in a world where tragic things happen. 


Remember when we were kids and all we wanted was to have fun and engage ourselves with the rest of the kids, sharing love and playing with each other’s toys and what not. Going for sleepover and attending birthday parties, we didn’t even care if we dressed the same, we didn’t mind cause it was cute. At that stage no one cared about who dressed the best because it was all about fun.

And then we have teenage stage, whereby we are growing, we do stupid things like involving ourselves in fights, we start dating, drinking, smoking, being in bad company’s and all. We become greedy, wanting more things for no reason. And that’s how hatred is born in most cases, every man to his or her own thing, taking, peer pressure etc.

My story..

6789D3B9-1EB4-433A-9DE2-357E838B3850When you see me around you will find a bold confident woman, independent , a go getter, caring, kind heart and always smiling. And at the same time you will also find a childlike adult. I like playing around, dancing, listening to loud music, making people laugh, never a dull moment with me……Not bragging.

But this woman is not perfect, she made some mistakes. And here is one….

It was never my dream to hurt someone else feelings. Its always been my dream to make people happy. In short I was what they call a “people pleaser”. I’m the kinda person that even if we fight and you wronged me, gosh I will come to you and make peace. I can’t stand not talking to someone. When that peace is not met and it happens that we couldn’t resolve our misunderstanding or conflict to the point where by we not talking it’s just doesn’t sit well with me. Before i will give up i will look for way a to make peace with you. I’m a peace maker and I thank God for that…

I felt hatred for this lady few years back, because of the things she was doing. She was very manipulative and playing innocent towards her partner. This kinda stuff really used to piss me off cause on the other hand this partner didn’t see anything but her innocent face. It happened that unfortunately i was involved with her partner something that I never intended to do but, it happened not knowing how. I brought such distraction to myself.

So I and this gentle man we will go on road trips together to enjoy ourselves, basically just us having fun and creating memories.. Down the road we stopped dating cause he wanted to solve his relationship with this lady. Long story short, few months later they broke up too because he found out what she was doing..

So as months passed by hatred increased, I never wanted to see her face, even to hear her name. I always waited for her to step on my shoe or shadow, that’s how bad I didn’t like her, I’ve never ever felt such hatred towards someone.

But this became very unhealthy to me…

So I had to look for a way to over come this hatred in my heart… because there were moments I will just have this evil thoughts towards her. It was very disturbing to me, it was not something I was proud of. So the only way I had to get out of this mess was to chat with God.

According to the bible..

1 John 2:9

If anyone claims, “I am living in the light,” but hates a Christian brother or sister, that person is still living in darkness.

I began to pray for myself and of course for her too cause God says pray for your enemies and when you start praying for enemies, you don’t feel hatred anymore. You begin to feel this peace within yourself. You start developing new vibes inside you and at that moment and time the devil has been defeated… Yes! that’s what he wants. He wants people to hate each other. He wants distraction in people lives, so that he can use that as a leverage to torment them. DON’T ALLOW HIM…FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. FIGHT FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS…

The Holy Spirit convicted me and I had to come clean, i had to confess my sins and ask for His forgiveness.

God love honest people, whatever you have done in your life and you feel like God won’t forgive you, that’s a lie… God will forgive you anytime any-day and the devil can’t do anything about it. He’s a defeated fool.

Another bible verse says….

                                 1 John 3:15

Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.

…And I’m here gladly to say that I and the lady are in good terms now, we reconciled and talked about our differences.


It’s always good to apologize and before you do, make sure the apology is coming from the right place, the forgiving heart. For the bible says if we cannot forgive others our heavenly Father will neither forgive us.

            Chase Righteousness & Choose God

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Ripanga MK

Hello Humans, My Name is Ripanga MK, A very social human being, I promise you won’t get bored around me unless otherwise... I’m likely going to share some of my experiences and how I got through it... ✨💫Stay tuned..

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